Our Service Check

So that you know exactly where you stand

Customer-friendly service always depends on the presence of logical processes and well-thought-out touchpoints. And we search for exactly that! We use the three forwardservice qualities to take a close look and measure your company – the potential quality, the quality of the process, and the quality of the encounter. So that you know where you stand and the exact measures you can take to improve the service experience for your customers.

How it works

In our in-person service check – whether a mystery or an open check – we go through your company from the customer’s point of view. We use objective criteria to measure contact points defined by our “forwardservice Map©” method, document the customer journey as we experience it, and identify areas for the implementation of our solutions. You receive a detailed analysis and documentation of the service experience from the customer’s point of view. In an evaluation meeting – either digitally or personally on location or at our office – we go through the findings together. We give you tips for improvement that can be implemented directly and show you specific areas for action.

The result

With our service check you get a professional perspective from the outside. It is a solid foundation to support your decisions to improve the customer experience. It is, so to speak, your kick-off for more customer enthusiasm.

What our customer’s say

“I have never received such high quality in collaboration with an external partner. The results of all our tests speak for themselves and make us extremely confident that with our integrated concept we will be able to noticeably improve the quality of encounters for our guests.”

S. Fehr, McDonald’s Deutschland Inc.


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