Service Performance

Without transparency there cannot be excellent service. That’s why we offer 360° monitoring to reveal all the qualities of your service performance and make them measurable. Through our proven methods, you can look at your service culture from five perspectives. We uncover the causes of the current service quality, pull the right levers, and monitor the results – in a differentiated and continuous manner. Our promise: A service quality that is measured transparently and continuously.

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Service culture is measurable!

When companies measure something, an “arrow” is pointed to one direction, and it is on this guide that everything is based. The great danger with this type of measurement tool is that you put a scalpel to complex relationships. You cut out a tiny aspect and put it on the golden scales…

Service Manual​

From service design to a detailed process

Customers expect consistent and excellent quality – and rightly so! The secret behind successful companies is that they define their service processes as well as the “what” and “how” in their encounter with their customers. They document their Standard Operating Procedures (=SOPs) – clear service processes…