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Leadership Workshop

Customer expectations are increasing, and the demands on companies in the service context are changing rapidly as a result of the digital age. It is therefore all the more important that a service attitude is practiced throughout the company. Managers and team leaders are the most important role models and initiators for consistently promoting “customer focus” – but this focus on service attitude is often missing from their team vision. Our solution? The seminar for customer enthusiasm – for all managers who want to embed a real service attitude in their company.

How it works

In our management workshop, we use the “forwardservice map” to work out how you can systematically define and attain the desired service attitude while incorporating the principles and values of your company brand. Each path and area is explored – from the customer experience to employee behavior, to management processes and organizational structures. We provide an exciting and research-supported insight into the company leadership models, which, when implemented correctly, should lead to employee and customer enthusiasm. You will learn and even experience first-hand the do’s and don’ts for building customer enthusiasm with concise examples – practical and implementation-oriented. The lecture impulses alternate with interactive training methods and practical examples, which enables the transfer of the learning content and recommendations to your everyday work. You will find the right balance between process and freedom and learn to successfully control a service culture with the right tools and measurement criteria. Even in areas far from the customer, every employee is enthusiastic and ready to see service through the eyes of the customer.

The result

After the leadership workshop, your managers are convinced of the importance of this critical differentiating factor of “service”. They know how to lead with a service attitude in a motivating way, how to convey its importance to their teams, and to implement it consistently. And the most important thing: They are happy and eager to bring this “service spirit” into their teams.

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