Service culture is measurable!

When companies measure something, an “arrow” is pointed to one direction, and it is on this guide that everything is based. The great danger with this type of measurement tool is that you put a scalpel to complex relationships. You cut out a tiny aspect and put it on the golden scales. However, doing this devalues other critical aspects of these relationships, or, in the worst case, causes you to look at the wrong aspects. As a result, no one cares about what is not measured. When done incorrectly, a measurement can give a completely wrong picture. KPIs, however, that are placed logically, interpreted intelligently, and managed in a motivating manner, are a service quality booster. The art of this tool lies in the correct weighting and combining of the relevant criteria.

The sisi-Index does exactly that. It is a continuous monitoring and control tool for measuring your service culture. You will receive a differentiated, comprehensive, and continuously updated picture of the service chain. Breakdowns in performance and important influencing factors and their effects become visible. You can review and examine the right adjustments and tweaks you need for structurally anchoring a service attitude within your team.

How it works

The sisi-Index weighs key figures from five perspectives and evaluates them in combination with each other. It uses the key data and information from your company, maps the individual requirements of your departments, and creates connections between your key figures and the effects on the quality of your service culture. Together with you, we select the measured values ​​for the different visual axes that suit your business model and your company situation. In addition to your existing key figures, we can optionally add an employee or customer survey updated in real time via the system.

Once all the key figures have been defined, we weigh them according to a sophisticated system that aligns with your company’s focus. On this basis, we continuously add them into the sisi index calculation – for the entire company, individual departments, or your individual locations.

Does it sound very complicated? The good news – it actually isn’t. In a regular reporting process, we evaluate all perspectives and their connections and give you recommendations for action. If your sisi value changes, you can use it to identify key levers, uncover deficits, and initiate effective measures. The sisi will be your management and control tool for quality at all levels.

The result

The sisi-Index prevents false assumptions, shows areas for effective action, and breaks down silo and departmental thinking. For an overall view of your service culture and a path towards measurable excellence in the company.

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Would you like to experience the sisi-Index live? No need for a commitment. Free of charge.
And with great attention to detail.

Barbara Schöffel · Project Management sisi-Index