Become your customers' favorite company

Service is a key part of business. Always! Service is not just the icing on the cake that goes on top during good times. Service is also not a nice-to-have that one only puts on when they have no other ideas. No. Service is the difference between the success and the failure of a company. It is service that creates a long-term and resilient customer relationship. With excellent service, you move forward and leave your competitors behind – you become your customers’ favorite company.

Almost all companies are under enormous pressure to change in order to remain viable. At the same time, employees and middle management are growing tired of the incessant admonitions, announcements, and promises “from above”.

We counteract this mood with a strong “Let’s go!” impulse that inspires employees and managers alike. With consultation suitable at every level, continuous support, and a wide variety of proven tools, we focus on exactly where the problem is and show managers and employees concrete solutions. Turning fear into confidence. From dejection we instill motivation. Instead of self-absorption, we build true customer love. We transform the must into a want and show that all employees can achieve this. And all our solutions are measurable and sustainable. Become your customers’ favorite company and leave the competition behind.

Service with heart and mind

Most companies have a strong focus on profit maximization and internal processes. That’s good and right. However, they must not lose sight of the customer-related processes and the look and feel of these interactions. This is exactly where forwardservice provides support. We look at service through the customer’s eyes and see what can be improved. And together with the companies we support, we design improvements and anchor a continuous service attitude in all essential processes. In this way, service creates value for employees, customers, and companies alike.

It's worth it!

After all, service is a real economic factor that tips the scales between success and failure. Therefore, all of our activities, tools, training courses, and concepts contribute to enabling an organization to adopt a profitable service attitude from within. We make service measurable and customer enthusiasm tangible in the interplay between digitization and “Menschmomenten®”, or human moments. Our consulting agency forwardservice is at your side from the first impulse to the strategy development, to the implementation and quality measurement. Effective and actionable.

At your wish – we are there for you.

At your wish – we are there for you.