Service Manual

From service design to a detailed process

Customers expect consistent and excellent quality – and rightly so! The secret behind successful companies is that they define their service processes as well as the “what” and “how” in their encounter with their customers. They document their Standard Operating Procedures (=SOPs) – clear service processes that ensure consistent quality and reduce errors. They give each employee structure from day one and answer the burning question: “What is my contribution to real customer enthusiasm?”.

How it works

For the relevant customer interfaces, we work together to develop clear Service Operating Procedures (SOPs) that record the concrete processes in everyday life. At the same time, we resolve conflicting goals and harmonize the service processes. This results in a service manual with comprehensible descriptions and implementation tips for employees. It is dynamic, so you can continuously develop and update it. The goal: a coherent overall experience for your customers and orientation for your teams. To ensure sustainability, we train employees to implement  the service manual internally during onboarding and to deepen its effect within the team.

The result

The reliable level of quality strengthens customer loyalty and trust in your brand. You save time and money when training new employees and can use your teams more flexibly. And last but not least, clear processes also mean that employees are motivated, because one hand knows what the other is doing.

What our customers’ say

“Together we defined and documented our service processes and thus developed and implemented an excellent service system for our guests. The service manual system enables us to make the stay of all of our guests special. It motivates us and creates the perfect combination of processes and attitude.”

S. Kuhn, SRH Heidelberg

Service Performance

Here is your freshly distilled and best motivational hacks for your teams.
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Customer enthusiasm is our passion!
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