FLUX Training

Quick, efficient, effective

That was easy! Learning while working and working while learning, that’s how you could describe FLUX. With our FLUX-Training concept, your employees train and internalize the relevant content in a simple and practical way that fits within and enriches their everyday work. With a short video impulse and a practical learning “nugget” – available at any time – the transfer of knowledge is continuously integrated and applied in everyday work processes. Would you like your employees to rotate between this efficient self-training and a motivating team training? FLUX can also be perfectly combined with BOOST for an even more sustainable result.

Theme areas

Employees can choose individual topics or blocks of topics. There are currently 35 complete FLUX training courses available. For example:

  • A WOW for the Customer
  • The First Impression Counts
  • Tips for Self-motivation
  • Win the Why
  • Don’t Give Up – the Inner Attitude
  • A heartfelt Goodbye
  • and much more!

How it works

Maybe it sounds like e-learning? Perhaps, but it is not. Instead of implementing weekly topics alone in front of the PC, an entire team or individual departments work together on a shared task connected to content from the relevant video impulse. FLUX gives an extra dose of motivation and provides a common goal for everyone to work towards.

The result

Service and customer communication are much more fun with FLUX! Each training broadens one’s perspective, and the many concrete tips create a structure for you to implement them within your everyday work – with creativity and fun. And this joy in service is also felt by your customers.

What our customers' say

“I just loved it! There were great tips that I had forgotten over time and were revived during these trainings.”

FLUX learner from the insurance industry

Service Empowerment

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