Experience service attitude up close

With a keynote lecture from Sabine Hübner

If you want to improve service, you have to move people – Sabine Hübner can do just that. She is passionate about service. You can see, hear, and feel that. Anyone who experiences her understands immediately: This woman loves what she does. So much so that it doesn’t even feel like work.

When the buzzword “service improvement” is mentioned in the executive floors of large corporations and medium-sized companies, her name is at the top of every list of specialists and consultants. National and international companies trust in her solution strategies.

Successful entrepreneur for over 20 years, internationally sought-after thought leader and speaker, service performance consultant for the top players in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – that is Sabine Hübner. Treat your employees, your managers, your customers and yourself to inspiration – with a keynote lecture from Sabine Hübner.

How it works

Sabine Hübner takes her listeners on an exciting, humorous, and professional tour – peppered with new aspects on excellent service in the future. And she is enthusiastic about conjuring up special moments when meeting customers. It quickly becomes clear: Those who serve wisely always serve themselves in the end.

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The result

The lectures speak to both employees and management. With her finger on the pulse of the audience, Sabine Hübner motivates them to perform at their best and creates a spirit of optimism. In short: The listeners’ interest in a service attitude is arrested and they look forward to implementing the principles Sabine lays out into their everyday lives.

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