Touchpoint Optimization

Touchpoint Optimization

The polishing tool needed for every customer contact point

A successful customer experience makes the life of customers and employees easier and more delightful – and ensures that your company is more successful in the long term. We take a close look at the customer journey in your company and check all paths for possible stumbling blocks. The result: a customer journey map that creates clarity and inspiration. So that your customers feel at all times: I’m in the right place!

How it works

We analyze your customer journey and identify potential for improving the service experience. We deepen this with a target group analysis of your customers as well as existing measurements. In the next step, we specify and validate improvement measures and prioritize them with the help of a cost-benefit assessment. In service design, we create the final measures in collaboration with experts from your company and implement them.

The result

A customer journey map with a detailed catalog of recommendations, as well as innovative suggestions – including proven customer enthusiasm factors. The documented measures are prioritized, and their effectiveness has already been checked during the design process. The gaps a customer experiences between the quality of an analog encounter and the quality of a digital encounter are closed. With the co-creation approach, you actively play a part in sustainably strengthening the customer focus in your company.

What our customer’s say

“South-east Bavarian Bahn recently launched the ‘Service Offensive’ project. Ms. Hübner and our team achieved a feat that I had previously thought impossible. Not least due to the excellent results of the Service Offensive, we were able to significantly improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction. We’ve come a lot further than I ever dared hope.”

Christoph Kraller , DB RegioNetzVerkehrs GmbH

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